Ary Lougher

Ary Lougher

Meet Ary Lougher, a junior at Southern Illinois University who is finding a new passion on what she thought was the tail end of her athletic career. Embark on Ary's journey, where running transforms from a mere exercise to a profound source of resilience, mindfulness, and boundless potential.

Running: A Pathway to Resilience and Connection

For Ary, running transcends mere physical activity; it's a channel for creativity and self-discovery. Through her miles, she discovers new connections, experiences, and opportunities, shaping her journey in athletics and beyond her former days as a Division 1 soccer goalie at Southern Illinois University.

In the rhythm of her strides, distractions fade, and Ary finds solace. It's a space where she feels fully present, connecting mind and body in perfect synchrony.

Mindfulness in Motion

When life's challenges loom large, Ary turns to running for clarity and peace. Each step becomes a practice in mindfulness, allowing her to be fully attuned to the present moment, fostering resilience and awareness not only within herself but also within her surroundings.

A Journey of Endurance

Ary's running journey began with the determination instilled from her soccer days and has evolved into a pursuit of long-distance endurance. As she looks ahead, running remains central to her aspirations. With each mile, she pushes her boundaries, fueled by the resilience gained from her athletic background.

MindfullyThreaded: Where Passion Meets Purpose

Ary discovers a reflection of her values. Her commitment to mindfulness and self-improvement resonates deeply. Just as running helps Ary find her strength, MindfullyThreaded's apparel serves as a canvas for individuals to embrace their passions and cultivate inner resilience.

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