Sam Dodd

Sam Dodd

Step into Samantha Dodd's journey! Where reporting transcends from a mere job to a profound source of insight, mindfulness, and boundless opportunity.

Reporting: A Pathway to Insight and Connection

For Samantha, reporting goes beyond just relaying information; it's a gateway to understanding, connection, and endless possibilities. As a Division 1 soccer player at Southern Illinois University, Samantha's journey in sports has shaped her perspective and her passion for storytelling.

In the rhythm of her reporting, distractions fade, and Samantha finds solace. It's a space where she feels fully engaged, connecting with her subjects and audience in perfect harmony.

Mindfulness in Observation

When faced with the chaos of live reporting, Samantha turns to mindfulness for clarity and focus. Each interview and observation becomes an opportunity for mindfulness, allowing her to be fully present in the moment, fostering insight and awareness not only for herself but also for her viewers.

A Journey of Pursuit

Samantha's reporting journey began with her dreams of becoming a sideline reporter for professional sports. From her role covering college basketball games to reporting at prestigious leagues like the Smith League in Cincinnati, Samantha has embraced every opportunity to pursue her passion for sports journalism.

MindfullyThreaded: Where Passion Meets Purpose

In reporting, Samantha finds a platform to express her passion and purpose. Her commitment to mindful storytelling resonates deeply with MindfullyThreaded's values. Just as reporting allows Samantha to share stories and connect with her audience, MindfullyThreaded's mission serves as a conduit for individuals to embrace their passions and cultivate inner awareness.

Join us in celebrating Samantha's reporting journey and the power of finding purpose through mindful observation. Explore MindfullyThreaded's Pink Flamingo Collection and embark on your own journey of insight and mindfulness.

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